Why choosing us?

1.- What advantages has our product over direct competitors?
We manufacture and ship the product directly to our customers. This is not only an economic advantage, but you can get straight technical support. Summary: savings and direct communication.
2.- Can they adapt the product for me?
We have a standard range, but we can also satisfy specific customer demands, adapting the product to your needs. Summary: versatility and adaptability.
3.- Can I have technical help to solve problems during the manufacturing process?
The fact we are manufacturers is an enormous advantage for the customer. We develop each of our products in a pilot plant, observing their evolution and behavior when it comes to making ice cream. Hence the exchange between the customer and our technicians to be fluid, because they get to know any issue that may arise.

4.- Can I have facilities to work together in developing innovations?
We always want to establish a cooperative relationship with the costumer, , so we can help and participate throughout the process, providing our know-how. Summary: collaboration.
5.- Considering the service, how long does it take the product to arrive once the order has been placed?
In just 48 hours hours the costumer would have the product in his facilities. Summary: speed of delivery.
6.- Can I receive information related to the world of ice cream?
Regularly, with your consent, we would send you the latest market trends and information on issues related to the world of ice cream. As a result, you will be familiar to your position in the market compared to other competitors and how to deal with future developments. In short: Everything is focused to meet the main philosophy of the company, to become a true partner, where the star is Icegel®.