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Icegel® is the revolution in the world of ice cream. A range of ingredients that make it possible to obtain quality ice cream through the perfect combination of suitable emulsifiers and stabilizers.

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Icegel® means a true revolution in the world of ice cream. Through the perfect union of the appropriate emulsifiers and stabilizers, with raw materials selected according to the highest quality standards, we achieve excellence in terms of production controls and the final product.

We are committed to versatility and flexibility in the development of new products, we adapt to the specific requests of each client thanks to a large infrastructure in the laboratory and pilot plant. Our constant and daily search for new innovative food products is our reason for being and there we will continue to innovate with products such as Icegel®.

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Emulsifiers and Stabilizers

-Icegel® ERB-502, Icegel® ERB-504, Icegel® ERB-505

-Icegel® ARB-01

-Icegel® ARB-02

-Icegel Premix

-Icegel® Premix

-Icegel® Premix Vegetal

-Icegel® Ovo


¿Why choose us?

Find out why choose Icegel® and what the real difference is.

1.- What advantages does the product have in relation to other similar ones from the competition?

We manufacture and go directly to the customer. This not only represents an economic advantage, but also the availability of technical suggestions directly. Summary: savings and direct communication.

2.- Can you adapt the product to my needs?

We have a standard range, but according to the specific demand of the client we adapt according to their needs. Summary: versatility and adaptability.

3.- Will I have a technical team to help me solve manufacturing problems?

Being a manufacturer is a huge advantage for the customer. We develop each of our products in a pilot plant, observing their evolution and behavior when making ice cream. Hence, the exchange between the client and our technicians is fluid, being aware of any question that may arise.

Icegel®: ERB-502, ERB-504 ,ERB-505

Ideal solution for standard ice creams

Combination developed for standard ice creams. Excellent creaminess and behavior in the mouth. Uniform and smooth texture. Preventing serum separation during melting, achieving a uniform and stable distribution throughout the ice cream mass. Delay in the formation of crystals during the storage process. Slow and controlled fusion.

Recommended dose: 0.4-0.7%

Icegel® ARB-01

An ally for non-aerated ice creams and fruit sorbets

Combination specially developed for water ice creams and non-aerated fruit sorbets. It enhances the release of aromas and the refreshing qualities of water-based ice cream. Improves texture, prevents the separation of sugars, eliminating “bleeding”. It delays the syneresis in the final product and the speed of fusion. Great stability at low pH.

Recommended dose: 0.2-0.4%

Icegel® ARB-02

Created especially for aerated ice cream and fruit sorbets.

Combination specially developed for aerated water ice creams and fruit sorbets. Enhances the release of aromas and the refreshing qualities of aerated fruit sorbet. Get a stable overrum and a smooth texture for the fruit sorbet. Slows the melting rate of the finished product and the formation of crystals during storage. Great stability at low pH.

Recommended dose: 0.5-0.7%.

Icegel® Premix

Icegel® Premix is a powder base for making different types of ice cream.

It stands out for its total homogeneity and easy rehydration that improves processing and maturation during production.

These are formulas adapted to all types of ice cream: cream, milk, sorbet ice cream … in which the customer contributes his specific knowledge, personalizing the ice cream through the incorporation of fruits, aromas …

Icegel® Premix represents a series of advantages for the ice cream maker, which translate into cost savings and a more homogeneous product, also avoiding the possibility of weighing errors.



Icegel® Premix Vegetal

Icegel® Vegetal Premix is an appropriate product for vegetarian and vegan consumers

Icegel® Premix Vegetal has the same advantages indicated above for the Icegel® Premix range. It is a line of powdered preparations specially designed for the production of ice creams based on products of plant origin, being the ideal option for vegetarian and vegan consumers.

Icegel® Ovo

Icegel® Premix powder based on products derived from eggs

It guarantees stability due to the excellent emulsifying capacity of the natural components of the egg yolk.

Thanks to Icegel® Ovo, ice creams can be made with the name “buttermilk ice-cream”, as they contain egg yolk in a proportion greater than 4%.



About Us

Learn a little more about our history and how we cooperate with the ice cream masters to help them get different and quality ice creams. Healthy, creamy ice creams, gluten free, flavors … A new world is waiting for you. You just have to find out …


Icegel® is a registered trademark of the company Río Blanco S.L., whose main activity is the development of products for the food sector. A company that is characterized by continuous investment in R + D + i to create unique solutions that become end products appreciated by customers and consumers. Our endorsement is the experience in designing personalized formulations that solve specific problems within an industry as versatile and innovative as food.


Our company is characterized by building all its present and future based on investment in talent and R + D + i. The DNA of Río Blanco S.L. it is innovation as the only source of continuous growth. For this, we have a large human team specialized in the food industry, capable of creating formulations for the most complex products.


The future of Icegel® is linked to the evolution of the world of ice cream and its commitment to quality. From our company we will continue working hand in hand with ice cream artisans and industrialists to achieve higher quality products based on excellence and permanent innovation.

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